Pembroke Youth Lacrosse

Pembroke LAX Pembroke, MA 02359, 339-933-2452
Sport: Lacrosse
Official: Referees
Number Of Active Adults: 571
Number Of Active Players: 806
Player Ages: 8 to 15
Cutoff Age Date: 12/31

Mission Statement

We play for the “Love of the Game through the Love of the Kids; Not the Love of the Game through the Need to Win”.

Board Members





2015 Crossroads Select LeagueRuns 4/7 through 6/21Registration open 3/30 through 6/303 Leagues
Spring LacrosseRuns 4/12 through 6/14Registration open 11/24 through 4/308 Leagues
Boys Laxachusetts SkillsRuns 4/13 through 6/1Registration open 4/6 through 4/301 League
Girls Laxachusetts SkillsRuns 4/29 through 5/27Registration open 4/2 through 4/301 League


LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
2015 U11 Crossroads Select Team07-11$45.001020
2015 U13 Crossroads Select Team09-13$125.001020
2015 U15 Crossroads Select Team012-15$125.001020
LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
U9 Girls06-9$100.0050100
U9 Boys26-10$100.0050100
Boys 3rd/4th grade U11268-11$175.001545
Girls 3rd/4th128-11$175.001544
Boys 5th/6th grade U133511-13$175.001545
Girls 5th/6th grade U131611-13$175.001544
GIRLS 7th/8th grade U15913-15$175.001544
Boys 7th/8th grade U152813-16$175.001545
LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
Boys Laxachusetts Skills06-15$100.0075100
LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
Girls Laxachusetts Skills05-15$100.0050100

Sport Rules

Pembroke Youth Lacrosse is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League. Please visit the MBYLL website at for all the Rules and Regulations

Registration Waiver Text

Player Code of Conduct I agree to conduct myself in a sportsmanlike and socially responsible manner. I understand that fighting (including leaving the bench during a fight), ungentlemanly behavior toward the referees, staff of Pembroke Youth Lacrosse or our host facility or any unsportsmanlike behavior toward fellow players, including taunting and playing to endanger, may result in suspension or expulsion from the league without refund. Parental/Guardian Authorization As the parent or legal guardian of the above named registrant in the Pembroke Youth Lacrosse League, I hereby give him permission to participate. I have read this application thoroughly and understand all aspects of it. I understand that lacrosse is a contact sport in which injury, even serious injury, may occur. I release Pembroke Youth Lacrosse, its staff and the host facility from all liability associated with my son’s/daughter’s participation in this league. I understand that my registration fee is non-refundable and not transferable to another session or another player except as specifically allowed by Pembroke Youth Lacrosse. I also understand that weather-related cancellations or missed games by players may not be made up and no refunds will be processed. I also grant Pembroke Youth Lacrosse, its staff and designees, permission to seek emergency medical care for my son. I certify that the insurance information provided is correct and current and agree to assume all responsibility for any medical expense incurred.