Presidentmember photoJames Donohue
Treasurermember photoWilliam Desimone
Secretarymember photoSandra Nagler
Registrarmember photoKenneth Truesdale
WebmasterKrissy Carter
Grade 1/2 In-town Coordinatormember photoJon Synnott
Grade 1/2 In-town Coordinatormember photoJeffrey Bentley
Grade 1/2 In-town Coordinatormember photoJohn McGrath
Kindergarten In-town Coordinatormember photoDavid McAndrew
Grade 3/4 In-town Coordinatormember photoAndrew Hall
Player Evaluation Coordinatormember photoJeffrey Whelpley
Field Managermember photoMichael McCormack
Referee Coordinatormember photoJosef Markovic
Travel Fields Coordinatormember photoJane Wiesen
Communicationsmember photoLindsey Kotowicz
Boys Travel Coordinatormember photoJason Buggy
Girls Travel Coordinatormember photoJaime Mahoney
Girls Travel Coordinatormember photoJeffrey Whelpley
Coach Developmentmember photoMatthew Anderson
Child Protection Officermember photoMarty Hergert
Equipment Managermember photoWilliam Desimone
Equipment Managermember photoJeffrey Bentley
General Board Membermember photoRyan Schmitt
General Board Membermember photoDanielle DeSimone
General Board Membermember photoHeather Leibman
Player Developmentmember photoMatthew Anderson
Child Safety Officermember photoJeffrey Quinn
COVID Safety Officermember photoMarty Hergert
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