TAP Basketball

TAP P.O. Box 888 Townsend, MA 01469, xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email: TAPBB@comcast.net
Sport: Basketball
Official: Referee
Number Of Active Adults: 529
Number Of Active Players: 694
Player Ages: 4 to 19
Cutoff Age Date: 1/1

Board Members

Board of Director Rick Beauregard
Board of Director Dennis Brooks
Board of Director Mark Roy
Board of Director Thomas Sinclair
Board of Director Dan Tenore
Board of Director Randy Young
Concessions Director Peter McMurray
Official/Referee Assigner Charlie Valacer
President Charlie Valacer
Secretary/Clerk Peter McMurray
Travel Director Thomas Sinclair
Treasurer Phil Ledoux


A/S Middle School
A/S Reg High School
HBMSHawthorne Brook Middle School
NMSNissitissitt Middle School
VBESVarnum Brook Elementary School


Tap Travel Tryouts Sept 30 - Oct 3Runs 10/1 through 10/2Registration open 8/30 through 10/711 Leagues
TAP Travel BasketballRuns 11/19 through 2/28Registration open 9/1 through 3/2811 Leagues
TAP Recreational BasketballRuns 11/23 through 2/28Registration open 8/1 through 2/2811 Leagues


LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
Not Playing(copy)03-15$0.0050100
Boys 4th Grade Tryouts18-10$0.00725
Girls 4th Grade Tryouts18-10$0.00725
Boys 5th Grade Tryouts19-11$0.00725
Girls 5th Grade Tryouts19-11$0.00725
Boys 6th Grade Tryouts110-12$0.00725
Girls 6th Grade Tryouts110-12$0.00725
Boys 7th Grade Tryouts112-14$0.00715
Girls 7th Grade Tryouts012-14$0.00715
Boys 8th Grade Tryouts113-15$0.00715
Girls 8th Grade Tryouts113-15$0.00715
LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
Not Playing03-15$0.0050100
Boys 4th Grade Travel28-10$110.00715
Girls 4th GradeTravel08-10$110.00715
Boys 5th Grade Travel19-11$110.00715
Girls 5th GradeTravel19-11$110.00715
Boys 6th Grade Travel110-12$110.00715
Girls 6th Grade Travel110-12$110.00715
Boys 7th Grade Travel112-14$110.00715
Girls 7th Grade Travel012-14$110.00715
Boys 8th Grade Travel213-15$110.00715
Girls 8th Grade Travel013-15$110.00715
LeagueTeamsAgesRegistration FeeMin PlayersMax Players
Not Playing03-15$0.0050100
Girls 1st/2nd/3rd Grade05-9$90.0030100
Boys 1st/2nd/3rd Grade06-9$90.0030100
Boys 3rd/4th Grade08-10$90.0030100
Girls 3rd/4th Grade08-10$90.0030100
Boys 5th/6th Grade810-12$90.0050150
Girls 5th/6th Grade410-12$90.0050150
Boys 7th/8th Grade812-14$90.0050150
Girls 7th/8th Grade412-14$90.0050150
Boys High School614-19$90.0050150
Girls High School014-19$90.0050150

League Management

Registration Waiver Text

I, the Parent / Guardian of the Registrant, a minor, Agree that I and the Registrant will abide by the rules as stipulated by the T.A.P. Youth Basketball League, Inc. On behalf of Myself and the Registrant Child, I hereby release and forever discharge T.A.P. Youth Basketball League, Inc., its Officers, Directors and Coaches from any claims, causes of action, and damages of any nature and description arising out of the participation by the above named Registrant in the T.A.P Youth Basketball Program. As the Parent or Legal Guardian of the above named Registrant, I hereby give my consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed Doctor of Medicine or Dentistry. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve life, limb, or well being of my dependent. I understand that no medical personnel are assigned to be present at any game, or at any practice.